The Place Charlestown


 Stairs to The Place in Frederick St                The Place Frederick St facade                              The Place front door                                  The Place Pearson St facade

The Place is located at the corner of Frederick and Pearson Streets, in Charlestown NSW. The centre is conveniently located at the southern end of the Charlestown Square shopping centre. Access to The Place is from outside the shopping centre via our front door in Frederick Street. Our front door faces toward the Charlestown Oval.


The Place is accessible for mobility impaired persons, and for wheelchairs, prams and trolleys. The accessible paths of travel from the car park and the shopping centre are:

  1. From the Level 2 car park, travel out past the gym towards Frederick Street. Continue past the stair case and turn left onto Frederick Street at the kerb line. Travel along the lower footpath toward the bus stops, and then turn left around the garden and return along the upper footpath to the front door of The Place.
  1. From the South Piazza, take the lift between Max Brenner and Strike Bowling down to street level (Pearson Street). Travel out of the lift towards Pearson Street, and when you reach the kerb line turn right toward Frederick Street. Stick to the kerb line and continue along the footpath and around the corner past the garden beds onto Frederick Street, past the bus stops to the front door of The Place.


Directions to The Place can be generated using Google Maps (click here).

Below are some images indicating the The Place’s location in relation to Charlestown Square shopping centre.