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Evolve Psychology


Evolve Psychology Service (EPS) provides psychological therapy for young people who are struggling with issues in their lives. Please contact EPS for assistance if you or someone you know need help with any of the following:

·         depression
·         suicidal thoughts
·         self-harm
·         anxiety
·         bullying
·         stress
·         eating issues
·         body image
·         self-esteem
·         substance use
·         trauma / abuse
·         family and relationships
·         other counselling issues
Appointments are generally 50 minutes and 4-6 sessions is the average amount for a package of care.  The initial appointment is usually referred to as the assessment session, which allows the therapist and client to discuss treatment goals that will be worked towards in the subsequent therapy sessions.
Please contact Moira regarding any enquiry or to book an assessment session.
Phone or text: 0404 377 233